Welcome to Central Ontario Forest Consulting

Welcome to Central Ontario Forest Consulting

Welcome to Central Ontario Forest Consulting Welcome to Central Ontario Forest Consulting Welcome to Central Ontario Forest Consulting
Your path to managing your woodland

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Providing forest consultant and woodlot management services in the Regions of Durham and York; City of Kawartha Lakes; and Peterborough,  Simcoe, Hastings, Northumberland and Haliburton Counties.  

Specializing in Managed Forest Plans that qualifies properties for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP); forest certification; tree marking and organizing timber sales and forest harvests; conifer plantation management and commercial thinning; as well as providing recommendations for wildlife habitat enhancement, tree planting, and managing invasive species. 

Feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your concerns by phone at no cost.

Your woodland



 Development of various management and property stewardship plans, including preparation and approval of Managed Forest Plans for application to the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP). Following plan preparation, follow-up services will be provided by phone or e-mail at no cost to support  plan implementation.   

Woodland ‘walk abouts’ to discuss priorities, strategies and 'coaching' to help you meet 

your personal objectives, including:  

  • Getting to know your property; how to set a compass bearing and navigate your woodland
  • Identification of high value 'crop trees' for a future harvest; how to thin for their health and optimum growth 
  • Selecting trees for firewood harvest, perhaps in conjunction with developing 'crop trees
  • Identifying wildlife habitat features and recreational opportunities and recommending actions to achieve these objectives  
  • Location and re-establishment of old, remnant property boundary lines 
  • Improve your sap yield for maple syrup production
  • Forest and individual / residential tree health recommendations 
  • Invasive plant / shrub identification and control recommendations     
  • Preparing for and responding to impacts of the Emerald Ash Borer
  • Identification of tree species growing in your woodland 

Forest harvest planning for hardwood, conifer plantations and white cedar

Services range from basic evaluation to full service / project management package, including: 

  • Initial appraisals and evaluation, i.e. potential values; would your woodlot benefit from a harvest; if approached by a buyer, is it a fair offer;  pros and cons? 
  • Tree marking – this includes marking of trees selected for harvest and estimating their volume (by species and product, i.e. lumber/veneer or firewood) 
  • Marketing of the marked trees to ensure you receive the fairest value from timber sales, while selecting a reputable buyer 
  • Discussing the pros / cons of each offer   
  • Assisting with development of a timber sales contract and  harvest inspections  
  • The preparation of tree marking prescriptions and applications to comply with municipal Forest Conservation By-Law requirements, where applicable 

Forest certification under the umbrella of the Eastern Ontario Model Forest / Forest Stewardship Council - http://www.eomfcert.ca/eomf-forest-certification-program   

Geographic Information System mapping 



Over 30 years of forest management experience in providing services for central Ontario landowners

  • Associate Member, Ontario Professional Foresters Association  
  • Past recipient, “Best Plan Award”, Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program 
  • Provincially Certified Tree Marker. Specializing since 1981 in organizing hardwood harvest, crop tree management and commercial thinning of conifer plantations .
  • Provincially licensed log scaler. Qualified to determine volume of harvested logs according to the Ontario Log Rule.
  • Stewardship Coordinator for the Victoria County Land and Water Stewardship Council, 1996 - 2006
  • Program Coordinator (2006–07),  Large Woodlands Conservation Co-operative, Trent University,  promoting forest interior values / habitats 
  • Past Director, Kawartha Chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association 
  • Coordinator, the annual Lindsay Woodlot Conference from 1997-2006 
  • Forest stewardship and habitat presentations at numerous landowner events 
  • Qualified as a Master Gardener 
  • Primary author of 3 forest management handbooks: 

    1. A Landowner’s Guide to Selling Standing Timber   - https://www.ontariowoodlot.com/publications-and-links/owa-publications/landowner-guides/a-landowner-s-guide-to-selling-standing-timber

    2. A Landowner’s Guide to Controlling Invasive Woodland Plants 

    3. A Landowner’s Guide to Forest Management Basics 



Your property's woodland and other natural areas are significant assets that benefit from management as does any other investment. 

As well as contributing to property values, natural areas provide you and your family with many benefits – a place to view wildlife, outdoor recreation, perhaps personal firewood or maple syrup, a place for  personal reflection and solitude, and – for some - income from periodic forest harvesting.  

Managing for these environmental values as you undertake the stewardship of your property, 

while meeting your own objectives, can provide 

great personal satisfaction as well as 

enhancing your property's value.

Everyone’s woodland property is different, as well as their objectives. Little remains static over time in a woodland - it's important to know what is happening and to manage accordingly. A site inspection and inventory, with you, is the essential first step for meeting a property’s potential. 

We will work with you to develop and implement a practical management program designed specifically for your woodland to meet your objectives.  

Upon completion of any management or stewardship plan, tree marking or other work, we remain committed to your plan's implementation by 

providing support by e-mail or telephone at no cost.

Contact information: 

Dave Pridham  -   705-324-2269   

E-mail – davepaloma.pridham@sympatico.ca

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